Consulting in diagnostics or strategic operational management of depollution or sites abatement.
Diagnostics missions

For these surveys, we apply French or Swiss methodologies, as well as local regulations, we are open to take in account other regional regulations.

We have carried out surveys on industrial buildings, Oil and Gas sites, in Europe as well as in other countries for large facilities of hundreds of thousands of square meters.

Our founder, Frédéric CLEMENT-GRANDCOURT, is certified by AFNOR in France and on the FACH list of Asbestos Experts in Switzerland.


Control surveys of pollution on sites

We were at the very origin of asbestos removal supervisions in buildings higher than 250 ft before 2000, as it became compulsory into French law as early as 1997.

As the methodology was quite new, we created our own Quality Assurance Manual for asbestos abatement for condominium building as well as for or industrial premises.


Impact or Danger Surveys

We also carry out a number of very specialized engineering surveys in relation with classified sites.