Urbatic.HSE :

Training sessions in risk management for asbestos and several hazardous materials:

Asbestos frightens people because of the number of deaths experienced in several countries. Asbestos fibers are so small, 100 to 1000 times finer than a human hair, that these fibers go everywhere if left unchecked, spreading into the lungs, causing disease, cancer, and certain death in the short or long term.

The founder of our group, Frédéric CLEMENT-GRANDCOURT, was trained in asbestos risk management in 1972 in a Swedish electrical engineering group. Later, he gained experience with asbestos risk management in other industries and applications, such as aeronautics, construction, specialized industrial applications, forges, hot-dip galvanizing, fixing asbestos-cement tiles on roofs or cladding, etc.

Since new regulations went into effect in 1997 in France, Frédéric CLEMENT-GRANDCOURT has managed the safety of hundreds of condominium sites, conducting interventions for diagnostic purposes, asbestos removal, rehabilitation, transformation, and demolition for a large number of buildings, facilities and industries.

This vast experience allows Frédéric CLEMENT-GRANDCOURT to provide asbestos risk-prevention training that is targeted by profession: industrial buildings, cement works, power stations, heating, roofing, military establishments, railways, housing refurbishing, petrochemical plants, networks of asbestos-cement pipes, roofs made of various asbestos products, etc.

We offer 5-day training for site supervisors or 2-day training for site operators in association with our partners in different countries.